2016 cars for NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition

A couple of months ago, I explained how to get NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition running on Windows 10 using DOSBox. That’s all well and good, but the cars included with the game are—much like the game itself—relics of the past.

Since NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition has an in-game paint scheme editor, however, there’s nothing to stop us from creating our own updated cars. That’s exactly what I’ve done, and you can now download my set of all 39 full-time 2016 Sprint Cup Series cars. The paint schemes are not perfect by any means, but they’re good enough for my purposes, and I hope you’ll enjoy using them.

To bring your game up to speed, simply unzip the .car files to your game’s cars directory; assuming you followed the instructions in my previous post, you can find that directory at %userprofile%\Documents\DOSGames\NR1999\cars. The files should be compatible with both NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition and NASCAR Racing 2. Start the game and make your way to the “Driver Info” section to create a fresh entry list.

I’ve adjusted each car’s skill numbers to approximately reflect real life. For example, Kevin Harvick and Brad Keselowski should run near the front of the pack each race, while Michael Annett and Jeffrey Earnhardt will be closer to the tail end of the field.

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